Why Battery Free Toys are Better for a Childs Development

With the many forms of electronics today, it is becoming increasingly more difficult for parents to keep their kids active and developing properly. It is estimated that today’s kids spend up to seven hours per day using electronic devices including; tv’s, computers, and mobile phones. Not only can electronics cause weight and activity issues in kids, they can also damage intellectual and social development as well.

Kids TelevisionMany parents also do not monitor their kid’s television programming choices which leads to children viewing more violence than is intended. This can create children who are more aggressive, anxious and fearful and cause them to be more likely to resort to violence themselves. This can lead to behavioural issues in the future.

One way to fight these issues is to purchase toys that do not contain batteries. Non battery operated toys tend to last longer. This not only will help out your pocket, but will have a major impact on the environment as well. Many electronic toys find their way into a landfill sooner than their non electronic counterparts. This causes chemicals, both from the toy itself as well as from the batteries that make them operate, to soak into the soil and cause a major environmental hazard.

Chemicals inside electronic toys can also pose a health risk to your children. Batteries contain lead, mercury and cadmium which can cause damage to blood systems, kidneys and reproductive systems as well as cause headaches, sleep disruption and cancers. By choosing a battery free toy, you are ensuring toy safety for your children.

Not only are non battery operated toys better for your kid’s health, it will help develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as well; both of which we use on a daily basis as adults. Puzzles and musical instruments are some of many items that help with these very important qualities. Many of these toys were designed specifically to challenge kids in their thinking process. With these toys they have the ability to practice maths, problem solving and critical thinking.

Plan Toys for ChildrenThere are three main types of battery free toys; thinking toys, moving toys and pretending toys. These stages in a child’s development is extremely important and it is crucial for parents to choose the right toys that will help develop their kids properly.

Thinking toys can come in the form of puzzles and blocks. These toys will help build critical thinking and motor skills. Moving toys can help develop hand-eye coordination and motor development. Balls and musical instruments make up this group. Pretending toys help to develop creativity in kids. Playing dress up or with interactive toys such as a kitchen set can be very beneficial for learning this skill.

One great thing about kids is that they have incredible imaginations. Toys that do not require batteries thrive on their imagination whereas electronics tend to limit their creativity. Take, for example, a toy cars. Now-a-days, these toy cars will have lights, sounds and maybe even a horn. With an old-fashioned toy car, your child will be forced to use their imagination to develop the sounds themselves. People with good imagination tend to have a better outlook on life and therefore have the ability to develop a better future for themselves.

Another important factor in developing children is social interaction. Kids need and thrive on socializing with other kids. This is easily accomplished with battery free toys. Battery free toys create a  smoother dialogue between kids than electronic toys do. They are forced to interact with each other rather than with the toys they are playing with.

Battery free toys also help create a better physical activity for you kids. Without the aid of electronics, kids are required to propel the toy into action themselves. This creates an active playtime and helps them to avoid long periods of being sedentary. Sadly, childhood obesity has doubled in the past few decades, caused in part by an inactive lifestyle. Non battery toys help kids to begin the movement towards physical activity once more.

One of the earliest things that children learn is speech and language. Toys need to hold a variety of functions in order to help in this earliest learning stage. Electronics tend to have a set goal in which kids are expected to follow. By using battery free toys, kids can more easily learn about the world around them. They are not expected to memorise certain words and meanings, but rather will teach kids how to use those words properly.

Battery free toys can also help with the noise level in your home. Many electronic toys have a multitude of sounds and lights that can be very distracting to other members of the household. Parents may desire less noisy versions of toys that will allow their children to play quietly and still learn and have fun.

Board games can be a great way to come together as a family. They are a great way to interact with your kids and learn more about them. They also have the ability to teach kids about teamwork, playing fair and taking turns. Some games will even help develop mathematical skills by introducing a monetary aspect to the game. These are skills that can help your kids much further down the road.

Childs Soft BookBooks are also a great way for kids to use their imagination. With books kids can travel anywhere they want and visit any time or place that they desire. A love of reading helps develop an increased level of learning for school age kids and continued learning for adults. Books also help develop creativity and problem solving in kids of all ages.

Battery free toys have many benefits for both kids and their parents. They are a great way for kids to fine tune their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, develop their imagination, learn critical thinking as well as many other necessary functions of daily life. In this day and age when electronics have taken over many aspects of our daily lives; it is, more than ever, important to teach kids how to function without the use of technology.

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