Two Kids Pedal Go-Kart Brands You Can Trust

When it comes to purchasing a pedal go-kart for your child, you need something that’s very robust and hopefully last for years to come. With loads of foreign imports available on various online marketplaces we thought we’d recommend two pedal go-kart brands you can trust.

The first brand is BERG

The first BERG go-kart was created with a few pipes, wooden planks, wheelbarrow wheels and a chain and pedals from the cycle shop. This go-kart was sold even before it was finished while being built on a farm in the Netherlands by Henk van den Berg during the summer holidays.

‘If I could build one, why not another one? Or two, or three, or …….. many? In the next summer holiday I built around twenty go-karts, which I displayed for sale in the garden in front of our farm.’ said Henk

And so BERG was created.

Berg Extra Go-kartAlong with our next recommendation, BERG go-karts are also used by the holiday and leisure industry due to the robust structure of these go-karts. For the beginner the best model to purchase is the Buzzy which has handlebars rather than a steering wheel, then for the 3 to 8 year olds the best model and one of the best selling go-karts is the Berg Buddy, this model comes in orange or pink and white which is very popular with the girls. The tubular frame on this model is very large compared to some other models on the market. The rider has the ability to freewheel, which is always a bonus when going down hill. The other good thing about the Buddy is the adjustable seat and steering wheel, these can then be adjusted as the rider grows.

For the teenager or adult the most popular pedal go-kart from BERG is the Basic, the advertised age range is 5 to 99 years, but to be honest, a 5 year old would struggle with a go-kart of this size.

The second brand is Dino Cars

Produced in Brual Germany these go-karts are also used by the leisure industry due to their robustness.

Dino Speedy ZF

These a very well built pedal go-karts, even the kids range have a swing axle, so the go-kart is more stable on rough terrain. The pneumatic (air) tyres give the rider a comfortable ride. The Speedy model has easy run tyres, so perfect for hard surfaces and the Junior range has tyres ideal for off road adventures.

For teenagers and adults the Classic range is the most popular and these go-karts you might have seen in holiday camps and leisure parts either in the UK or while abroad.

Both these brand have a good spares service, so you can keep your go-kart well maintained and also the re-sale value on both these brands is high, so you cant go far wrong when choosing either of these brands for your child.

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